Windows 7 is awesome!!!

Nov 14 2008

I am not talking about the bells and whistles.

I have been using Windows 7 for the past few days and it looks like this is going to be a great Operating System from Microsoft.

The UI looks similar to that of Vista, but with a lot of tweaks. The new taskbar is exciting as well.

The main feature of Windows 7 I liked is that it lets you do your work the way you wish and it gets out of your way. Windows 7 makes doing your job easy. Performance wise it is better than Vista. Hardware support is also great and I did not have to install any drivers in my Acer laptop.

There are many other exciting features in the software. You can read more about these all over the web. Also remember to visit the Windows 7 development blog. The blog tells the exciting story of building a great operating system. It is a must read blog for programmers/designers.

Windows 7 is already getting a huge amount good press. People are giving positive reviews. Microsoft should be excited by this.

Currently a pre-beta test build for windows 7 is in circulation in the file sharing networks. You will have to do a bit of hacking to get the new taskbar enabled.

Download Windows 7 and check it out. You will surely fall in love with it too.

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  • aosprite48 says:

    yeah I luv windows 7!!:) windows vista always gave blue screens and my computer was soo slow because it ate half my memory and I have 3gb of ram idk but windows 7 now finally microsoft heads in the right direction i have a considerable amount of ram being used computer is super fast and never unresponds plus there actually better support options unlike vista

  • Person says:

    At first I didnt like windows 7 because i was an XP user, but as soon as i got used to it windows 7 was the best OS ever. It runs super fast on my 2.2 GHz Toshiba sattellite, and i’m also able to upgrade my windows XP to windows 7 with no problems at all. Windows 7 boots and runs faster on a machine that was built for XP. Thats pretty amazing.

    I’m a PC, and Windows 7 was my idea.

    • jacylyn says:

      i am trying to upgrade to windows 7 from my toshiba protege M400. I am having too many issues. can u help me out?

  • Ian says:

    I am really impressed with the newest windows
    mostly because of its ability to work so smooth on such a large array of hardware
    so far i have installed it on six different systems and all work flawlessly
    driver issues of course but easy enough to find in the end
    i use Linux ass well Ubuntu,Arch,Crux,Puppy,Gentoo,freeBSD
    but honestly performance wise i dont think anything can touch it
    and out of all the laptops and towers ive installed it on it runs best on my custom
    P4 HT 3.0Ghz 4Gigs DDR Ram Nvidia Ge-force 7600gs Over-clocked
    this thing eats dual cores for breakfast and out benchmarks most new laptops
    was built for windows xp media center edition originally
    the ONLY ISSUE I HAVE HAD IS a problem with a Toshiba satellite that likes to overheat and blue screen but that sadly happens with vista and Ubuntu as well so i know its a hardware issue
    And i liked the upgrade option that was cool and it worked really well
    i like the fact that it doesnt nag me about shit as much as vista and no matter how many things im doing at the same time like 20 windows open all fully loaded
    purposely trying to overload it and ………not a single stutter…….its AWESOME

  • Cyborg1024 says:

    I’ve been in IT for 15 years, supported MAC, Silicon Graphics, Windows, and work with Linux as a tool on the side. Hands down Windows 7 is the best MS operating system to date. I’ve loaded even on 7 yr old laptops just for fun and it works great. Recommend you have 2GB+ of RAM. Multi core processors shine, the older OS’s dont take full advantage of that. Network setup is a breeze for even a novice. Its like a MAC but has the huge software base and customization of a PC.

    Each of the OS’s listed above has its merits. Linux is great for security tools, building a DVR, email, office products. MAC is basically the same with some great video editing applications. Linux due to the huge number of variants and increased difficulty for the average Joe will not likely be a major player ever. Apple doesnt even target the larger audience, they want a nitch and have a great high quality product that works for all your basic PC needs.

    Personally Ive always enjoyed the flexability of building a PC and having loads of software, OS, and configuration options. Its what makes building so fun, and if your shop savvy you can make a PC for less than 300$ with everything you need to go. If you go Linux it would be closer to 200$ as you dont have to buy that.

    Regardless this forum is about Windows 7, and I for one believe this will be MS flagship for some time. Not everyone is ready to jump into cloud computing that Windows 8 will be offering, and many want to have powerful customization on the home front. 7 Gives some great features for all including being able to use media center to hookup to your TV and get free local OTA stations. No monltly fee for TV, your PC can be your DVR, tons of great plugins available and you can pay off your custom build in a few months with the $$ saved from not paying Directv or another provider. Your OTA content can be complemented with Hulu, netflix, and internet TV.

    The MS Family pack is also a great way to go for anyone wanting 3 licenses, Amazon and NewEgg have both had for less than 130$ with free shipping. The home premium version is good enough for most. Honestly most of the features in the later version’s can be had with 3rd part software with the exception of adding to the domain which most end users would never use anyways.

    My 2 Cents, happy computing!

  • in2the7 says:

    yeah windows 7 is awesome on a 1gb ram pc it’s good it’s awesome i also use ubuntu but on another laptop .

  • David says:

    I have actually switched back from OSX to Windows 7. The whole reason I ever got a Mac in the first place was XP was a big pile of @#$%! Nothing ran like a Mac for audio recording and just general usability. Windows 7 ROCKS! It runs like a Mac(yes there are tons of viruses, but that’s what Linux is for lol). I put Sonar on the computer with Reason. I love the Journal program with a Bamboo tablet!!! I actually like the taskbar more than the dock. I love how I could build a tower with equivalent power to the 12 core monster with 32 gigs of ram from Tiger Direct(which the PowerMac with this configuration STARTS at 5000 dollars), but with Windows 7 and Linux as a web browser VIA virtualization in a window(for even less viruses than what are starting to be in OSX) for 1000-2000 dollars roughly! Imagine running Sonar Producer Edition on that BEAST! No 5000 dollar plus computer for me. I’ll just run my studio with Windows 7 and have as stable of a system as I had on any Mac I have owned. If this is any indication that Microsoft is FINALLY getting it that us computer users actually do care about how well our machines run, not locking up, etc then the future with Windows is a bright one. I started to get tired of being a slave to the high prices of a Mac(just like a Harley, if you want a REALLY nice one that is more professional level IE Road Glide, Heritage Softail Classic, Road King, etc etc then you PAY for it). Sure you can get a Macmini for about 600-700 bucks but are you going to be running Logic Studio on that? Apple still makes a good product, I don’t knock it. I miss having a 1200 dollar tower. Not an Imac, not a quad core Xeon that starts at 2300 dollars, but a core i5 tower at around 1200 dollars like my old mirrored doors G4 back in the day. I have no loyalties and am not a fanboy anymore…

  • User says:

    The best way to get Windows 7 is to download an image file which contains all the versions of the OS within it. I have a laptop that runs Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit and it’s a pretty cool OS. At first I thought XP would still have the advantage of being a simple OS, but Windows 7 is fun to use and the layout and look of everything in it is fantastic, especially that taskbar when you have the 3 icons right next to the start orb disabled and the notification area/system tray icons all showing with the clock hidden and have it blue instead of dark purple. I have it connected to a 52″ 120 hertz full hd lcd hdtv via hdmi cord and displays stunning full hd 1080p resolution. All I actually use it for is to check email, get my 1080p bluray rips and watch them via 2tb external hard drive.

    Thank you Bill Gates for all your hard work hahahahahahaha!

  • AJ says:


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