Micro experts

Mar 25 2009

A hundred years ago if you wanted to learn calculus, you had to find either a book on it or people who knew calculus.

Then the internet happened.

Now you can get bleeding edge information on any given topic from the web. Ironically, that caused the problem of information overload. There is no way you can be an expert in calculus anymore. There are an awful lot of topics and sub-topics in calculus that you will not be able to learn everything in a lifetime.

What you can do is to become a micro-expert.

Two facts that you can leverage to your advantage:

  1. Google made it easy to find information on any obscure sub-topic.
  2. Google made it easy to find experts on any given sub-topic.

What this means is that you can become the world’s most knowledgeable person on any given micro-topic.

What if you were an expert in a hundred micro-topics? What if people started coming back to you for information on those hundred topics? What if you could help build something in your area of specialization? How much power would that give you? How much are you willing to fight for it?

I think the answer can change your life.

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  • Rithwik says:

    Strong funda.

    “What if you were an expert in a hundred micro-topics?”

    It reminds of a quote by Scott Adams(Dilbert fame) about how you can succeed by either being in the top 2% in something or being in the top 25% in 2 or more things. (In his case, business and drawing.)

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