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Apr 18 2009

You’ve heard the stories.

Some years ago, a group of people at NASA sent a man to moon.

They sent a vehicle carrying a man thousands of miles into the space and managed to land exactly on the surface of the moon! Can you comprehend the complexity of the operation?

Then there is this guy called Edison, whose invention of the electric bulb touched virtually every single human being on the face of the earth. As if that were not enough, he invented 1093 other stuff that weren’t thought of before.

And there is Columbus who set out to discover the new world and came back with a whole new continent!

And then there is this group of doctors who eradicated Smallpox, arguably the most deadly disease in human history.

Then there is this person named Tim John Berners-Lee who invented the Internet.

And then there is you.

If people can send men to moon, if a single man’s work can light up the whole world, if so many people have done things that were previously thought impossible, what are you waiting for? What is holding you back? Now that you know people like you and me can set out and change the world, what are you going to do about it?

For all these years, you have been reaping the benefits of the work done by other people. Think about the stuff you are using, the gadgets you own and the tools you work with. Every single thing has a story to tell – an exciting and intriguing story of passion and hard work and search for excellence. We have been using all these stuff invented and produced by others, and the only difference between us and them is that they somehow realized that getting things done is far more effective than finding reasons not to.

Now is the time to actually build something by your own.

What is remarkable in being a consumer for your whole life? For a change, try being a producer. Build something. For once, try giving back to humanity.

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  • TheAnand says:

    Inspiring! Its one of my biggest dreams to reach the scales of the type you mentioned. Something that every household will use and something that will change the face of humanity beyond their life or mine.

  • Staenz says:

    Most of the people wish to be on their own….but it is far different doing than thinking. This is because, there are many dreams and liabilities each one has to fulfil, mabe that prohibits one to complete this ambition…
    Whatever, the article is very inspiring. Thnx for sharing.

  • Shoban says:

    Good one mate. But think about this when Edison invented bulb it was new .. Now the time is different we have invent something thats better ;-)

    In my school days I come up with new idea and inventions. But later i realise this was already invented ;-) I am sure most of you must have faced this.

  • Reachnivi says:

    Hey..aren’t we taught to reuse ( code, design , test cases….)… On a lighter note…
    I Fully appreciate the idea you have put down.

  • Faiz says:

    On the other hand, if you are asking everyone to become producers, who is going to consume then ;) This world needs both good and evil bro…

  • Niyaz PK says:


    I am not asking everyone to become a producer. This website is not for everyone. This website is specifically targeted towards providing that small push to people who really want to improve themselves.

  • Justin says:

    Nice post, really got me thinking. I have been working on a project lately that I know will benefit me and help me to become more productive however I have not been spending nearly enough time on it.

  • Niju Mohan says:

    I was wondering if this can be reposted in http://cetlylive.com/?

    Its an inspiring story.

    Mail me…

  • Ginu says:

    I believe everything in this world is either by chance or by choice.Chance emanate from choice!The boon of chance may not pat every head.But choice,yes it’s in our hands.Your article will make one think more on making choices..Good one pal!!

  • very inspiring…really we should strive hard to do innovations in our life instead of copying others or talking about others innovation and invention..we can do if we decide once…Thank you for boosting morale!

  • Saloni Mehta says:

    I completely love this article! Absolutely mesmerisingly inspiring!

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