Fine-tuning the StackOverflow theme

Nov 04 2009

Being a regular user of StackOverflow, I was constantly being haunted by some of the small design issues in the website. Look at the screenshot below (click to enlarge):


I have this problem that I get really confused when visiting websites with a lot of stuff. Even though I have been to StackOverflow a zillion times, I still get distracted by the colors used in the website. (Of course these things are really subjective). I downloaded the style sheet and edited it. Here is how the site looks now (for me):


Here are some of the changes:

  • Removed the background colors for the statistics (view count, points etc)
  • Reduced the font size of the stats thereby making them less noticeable.
  • Round cornered some tabs, tags etc.
  • Removed the points displayed near the users name. This is not very useful and removing it cleaned up lot of clutter.

I am thinking of making some more modifications including stacking up the stats one over the other and making the tags for each question less intrusive. We can do away with a lot of stats in the page since most of the users are not very much interested in those minute details.

You can download the Greasemonkey script for this theme here.

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