ReImages – Reload images in web pages

Aug 28 2010

This is a bookmarklet to reload the images in any web page without reloading the web page itself.


(Drag the above link to your bookmarks bar or right click and add to your bookmarks.)

You can click the link whenever you want to reload pages in any web page without reloading the page itself. This bookmarklet reloads images in <img> tag as well as background images for any element in the page.

This can be very useful in many cases:

  1. During web development (especially when you are working on an image that appears only after you do some action in the page, like on a pop-up).
  2. When some server (or a stupid firewall or some other device)  serves you old cached version of the images.
  3. When a large image in a page did not load completely and when you try to refresh the page it is still loading the broken version because it gets the image from the browser cache


This is the initial version. Let us call it v0.9.

I have been using it for a while without any issues, but let me know of any bugs you come across.

If you are a web developer, take a look at the wonderful ReCSS too.

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  • brad parks says:

    hey! i just started to work on a site that takes like a minute to reload a page, and being able to “re” the images and css is 100% cool… you rock!

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